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The Command Museum’s education program impact tens of thousands of students, youth organizations, recruits, Marines, and Sailors every year. The museum’s education staff has incorporated the most current technologies and teaching methods to provide our youth with the most kinetic, immersive educational experience possible. These programs are at the heart of ensuring that we are doing our part to prepare the next generation for success, whether it be assisting Boy and Girl Scouts with attaining badges, instilling our corps values of honor, courage, and commitment, or ensuring the the Marine Corps is among the most educated military branches in the world.

We Accomplish This By:
  • Teaching US and world history, geography, communications, and current events to K-12 students in accordance with California History-Social Studies Content Standards and the Common Core Curriculum.
  • Teaching Marine Corps history and values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment to youth organizations.
  • Providing guided tours of museum galleries to visiting student and youth groups.
  • Developing curricula for out of area educators.
  • Developing historical materials about Marine Corps history.

Please contact us if you, your class, your group, or your organization would like to receive instruction, curricula, or tours.   Museum staff host visiting groups in the museum, and also travel to classrooms to provide instruction.   We will gladly send curricula to out of area teachers and home school parents at no cost. 

Questions?  Call 619-524-6038 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Museum K-12 Education: 
The focus of the museum’s education program is to provide opportunities to all San Diego area youth, including students from Title I schools, to learn about the history and role of the United States Marine Corps, especially as it pertains to the Marine Corps presence in Southern California. The education program reaches thousands of local students every year, as well as educators from all over the country who participate in our educator workshop. Education curricula is designed with Common Core in mind, and incorporates a wealth of primary sources from the Museum's own collections, ranging from articifacts, to photographs, and archival material. Curricula, classes, tours, and site visits are all free of charge.


Core Values Education for Youth Organizations:

The Marine Corps Leads from the front, not only in battle, but in character development. The Museum supports this mission by offering special tours for youth organizations that combine history with the corps values of the Marine Corps. These special tours are appropriate for JROTC cadets, Boy and Girl Scouts, Sea Cadets, Young Marines, and other youth organizations. 


Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts Workshops:
The MCRD Museum offers free classes, tours, and merit badge workshops for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts workshops give Scouts the opportunity to earn two merit badges. The museum offers Girl Scouts four different workshops based on their level. Program curriculum focuses not only on Marine Corps history, but also corps values and character development.


Field Trip Program: 
One way the museum is expanding its ability to reach more students is by funding the cost of transportation for classes to come to the museum. The number one reason students do not take field trips is due to the unfortunate fact that school budgets are continuously shrinking. This year we plan to fund 15 classes to come to the museum, however the demand for transportation cost assistance is much higher and continues to grow.

MCRD Museum Foundation
Building 26 Post Office Box 400085
San Diego, CA 92140-0085

Hours of Operation
Monday-Saturday, 8:30AM to 4PM

Telephone: 1-619-524-4426
FAX: 1-619-524-0076

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