Museum Foundation Statement Concerning Automatic Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status

On 25 October 2022, the MCRD Museum Foundation received notice of an automatic revocation of its tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service because of the failure to file a Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) for three consecutive years. This means, among other things, that the Museum Foundation is no longer eligible to receive tax deductible contributions.

The Museum Foundation is a self-sustaining, nonprofit, non-federal entity that supports the mission accomplishment of the MCRD Command Museum. Transparency is at the heart of everything we do and fundamentally important to the Museum Foundation’s operations and communications.

The Museum Foundation uses the services of a Certified Public Accountant Firm to complete annual audits and Form 990 filing requirements. Delays in completing both requirements began in 2020, due to an investigation into financial transactions by a former Museum Foundation employee.

Museum Foundation corrective actions include, among others, a forensic examination to determine why the Form 990 filing requirement went unfiled. Furthermore, the Museum Foundation is taking immediate steps to file the Form 990s for the last three years. Finally, the Museum Foundation is applying to have its tax-exempt status retroactively reinstated to the date of revocation. If the Internal Revenue Service approves, then the Museum Foundation resumes its eligibility to receive tax deductible donations.

The Museum Foundation remains confident the Internal Revenue Service will retroactively reinstate our tax-exempt status once provided with a full explanation, to include our implementation of corrective measures to ensure timely filing compliance going forward. The Museum Foundation will announce the results of our forensic investigation (subject to individual privacy concerns) and the findings of the Internal Revenue Service when received.

In the meantime, the Museum Foundation will individually communicate with those donors that the revocation of tax-exempt status may impact, to include discussing with them the Museum Foundation’s willingness to return their respective donations.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while the Museum Foundation works diligently to resolve this unfortunate error.


Recruit books maintained by the MCRD Museum Reference Center are available for research only, they are not for sale.  Please note, there are no lists of names of recruits or Drill Instructors.   The only way to search for a recruit book is by year of graduation and platoon number.

If you would like to purchase a recruit book, please visit our webpage here.  Please note, the MCRD Museum Foundation only has recruit books from 1986-2016. The collection is not complete, and is missing many years and platoons.  The MCRD Museum Historical Foundation is a private entity that supports the MCRD Museum.

Can't find your recruit book?  Read our list of suggestions in How Do I Find My Recruit Platoon Book?  


Many people ask if the Marine Corps saved rosters of the recruits who went through Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego.  The answer is no, but, there are some ways you can search for the names of recruits.  The list below is organized into different time periods.  

Recruits who trained at San Diego from September 1923 - May 1953: 

There are none. Recruit books did not exist at San Diego until mid 1953.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from mid 1953 - May 1989: 

The only lists exist in the recruit platoon books. If you are local, please contact the historian to make an appointment to view your platoon book if one exists in her collection. You may bring a camera to photograph pages from the platoon book, however scans are not available.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from June 1989 - 31 May 2011:

Lists exist in recruit platoon books and in the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron. Please contact the MCRD Museum Foundation to order your recruit book. If they do not have a copy contact the MCRD Library at 619-524-1849 and ask them to check their source for the rosters, the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron.

Recruits who trained at San Diego from January 2012 - Present: Lists exist in recruit platoon books and in the MCRD newspaper, The CheVron (June 2011- 23 October 2015, digital versions only)

museum education

MCRD Museum Education Program

The MCRD Museum offers free tours, classes, and curricula.  Staff can also travel to local schools and classrooms.  Explore our free programming...


research reference

MCRD Museum Reference Center

Photographs, maps, manuscripts, and more are in the MCRD Museum Reference Center. No cost!  Access by appointment.  Explore our Reference Center materials...


Tun Tavern Holiday Party

On December 3rd the Museum will be having a Christmas event. RSVP by clicking the button below.

In order for you to get on the base for museum events, we need to collect certain information in advance.

This form is only for those who are 18 and older and who do not already have base access. Those who may already have access include people who have active duty/reserve ID cards, 100% disabled ID cards, Dependent, Retired, or Retired Dependent ID cards,  DOD civilian employee ID, or VA health ID that says 'service connected' and has already been registered at MCRD's Pass and ID office (the VA cards registered at other bases don't apply).


support the regiment

Join the Support Regiment

The MCRD Museum Foundation depends upon membership fees, grants, and donations to conduct its business of supporting the MCRD Command Museum, the Marines and Sailors of MCRD, San Diego, and the Western Recruiting Region.


sponsors and donors

Sponsors & Donors

The MCRD Museum Foundation established a Sponsors and Donors Wall to honor and recognize Marines and organizations, especially those with a connection to MCRD San Diego, and recognizes donors and supporters at various levels of giving.


Our Impact

Over the past 8 years the MCRD Museum Foundation has contributed over 1 million dollars to the Command Museum. We've recently announced a number of new Museum programs and technological upgrades.


veteran outreach

Veteran Outreach & Increased
Community Engagement

VOICE is the MCRD Command Museum's latest program supported by the Foundation, which is aimed at bringing together Marines, veterans, and the community together at a familiar place, the Depot where Marines are born.


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